Are Massage Guns Good For Arthritis?

Are Massage Guns Good For Arthritis?

Yes, according to various research studies, deep tissue massage is one of the safest and best ways to treat arthritis. Using a Massage Gun as part of a daily wellness routine can help reduce different forms of arthritis pain in various ways.

A massage gun helps to manipulate multiple muscles and tissue levels, relieve pain in joints and reduce tension in the body. So if you require quick, lasting pain relief without worrying about visiting a massage therapist, refilling a prescription or the harmful side effects of drugs, deep tissue massage therapy using a massage gun is a perfect solution.

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Arthritis Pain And Its Relief

You may suffer from different types of arthritis, where your cartilage breaks down or your immune system itself attacks your joints. Whatever the cause is, your joints suffer a lot.

So, once you are diagnosed with arthritis, you have to start your treatment to reduce the daunting symptoms. You should get more information from experts if you want details about the various types of arthritis, its causes, and the symptoms. 

You can also develop arthritis because of previous injuries to your joints, overweight or simply because of your age. So, no matter what the cause is, you should get it treated before it affects your life.

One of the drug-free cures for arthritis is massage therapy. We recommend you get one of the best massage guns available, so you can get it for your aching joints!

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How Does Percussive Therapy Work?

Massage guns, also known as percussive therapy really help alleviate your joint pain. The massage guns are easily operated handheld devices that you can use as a treatment on a daily basis. Massage guns provide relief through vibrations and oscillation in different settings that work for you. 

If you are still not sure whether massage guns would work for you, we want you to read about how massage guns help with sciatica.  You will get a better idea of how massage guns can help people going through different pain.

And similarly, you will easily be able to integrate a massage gun into your treatment. Massage guns also come with different parts that you can use to treat different body parts and joints accordingly.

So no matter what joint problems you have, a massage gun works wonders with its deep vibration. 

Treating Arthritis with Percussive therapy

Since you can choose amongst different massage settings, we recommend that you put it on moderate. Rather than having an intense massage session, it is better to have a relaxing massage for arthritis.

The moderate massage is enough to alleviate the pain and ease tensions in your joint. 

It is important that you use the massage gun safely and follow the instructions. You can read in detail about how to use the massage gun for the best results.

You should focus on a specific muscle for not more than 2 minutes. And you should avoid applying it directly to any injured muscles. 

In The Case Of Severe Joint Pain

If you have severe pain, you should consult medical professionals for their recommendation. If you are on the clear by your doctor to use a massage gun, you can treat your pain with ease from the comfort of your own home.

You will save up on large bills for massage therapists and other drugs. Also, you will be able to use it whenever you have the need for it without any help from others.

So, a massage gun is worth the investment and you will surely reap all its benefits!

Drug-Free Natural Healing

It is a great relief if you do not want to be dependent and face any consequences of the drugs used to treat it. So, as long as you put the massage gun an inch away from the swollen or inflamed joint, you will get a natural relief.

use of Massage gun alternate to drugs

If you have arthritis because of obesity, then it is also recommended to use a massage gun to lose weight. We have a lot of details for you if you are prone to arthritis due to being overweight and want to use massage guns to cut off unwanted fats here!

Percussive Therapy During A Workout

As we mentioned before, you can develop arthritis due to various injuries. The injuries might be sports-related where the joints are injured and do not heal properly. The joint keeps on deteriorating and can cause arthritis pain.

One of the things to remember is that exercise helps heal arthritis pain. You should also apply percussive therapy during workouts so that your joints do not ache.

Such inflammation on joints may be temporary and you can recover soon. But you should not give up on exercising as well as the use of percussive therapy.

If you are sceptical about whether working out would cause even more pain, research says no! Harvard published this research that exercise is safe for joints, even if you are older, obese or an athlete.

Massage Guns The Best Solution

If you are going through arthritis, do not feel overwhelmed or alone in this pain. But you are not the only one going through this.

You will be astonished to find the statistics of how many people here in Australia actually go through inflammation and joint pain. And, even surprisingly the majority of the people are under the age of 65.

So, arthritis pain is not that uncommon and anyone can go through this chronic pain. But, we have found a great solution for helping to massage arthritic joints.

A massage gun is the best solution that is readily available on the market, it is fairly cheaper in comparison to other massage therapy and is a drug-free safe healing mechanism.

To learn more about massage guns and how they are good for dealing with arthritis, visit Here you can easily find the instructions on how to use a massage gun or perform percussive therapy all by yourself when you need some instant relief.

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