Best EMS Machine For Muscle Growth

Best EMS Machine For Muscle Growth

If you are somebody who follows trends in the health and fitness industry, then you may have come across EMS machines before. You might have seen them advertised and you might know that they are linked to muscles and muscle growth, but how much do you actually know when it comes to the cold hard facts of the matter?

Before we get to the business of examining which EMS machine might be the best option for effective and successful muscle growth, let’s make sure that we are all on the same page when it comes to knowledge of the topic! With this in mind, here is a summary of what an EMS machine is, and what it actually does for the body.

What Is An EMS Machine?

EMS stands for electronic muscle stimulation. It is the widely used term for a kind of physical therapy and fitness technique that many experts believe can have positive impacts on key muscle groups.

Similarly to a TENS machine, EMS physical therapy involves using a machine to transmit electrical impulses directly onto your skin via electrodes.

The key difference, however, is that, unlike a TENS machine, electronic muscle stimulation can be applied to specifically target certain muscle groups. As you can imagine, this has the potential to provide a much more controlled and focused course of muscle treatment compared to TENS and other kinds of electrical muscle stimulation.

So is an EMS machine better than a TENS unit or just different? Essentially, what it boils down to is the difference in the aims of the two devices. TENS machines are designed as muscle stimulators to provide pain relief. EMS is designed to strengthen and rehabilitate muscles. This also means that the effect of EMS Tens can be achieved by EMS alone but not by a TENS unit alone. EMS can deliver localised pain relief through its actions on the muscles.

A TENS machine is usually recommended for chronic nerve or joint pain and less so for muscle pain, for conditions such as back pain, foot pain, pelvic pain, inflammatory arthritis and migraine. TENS may also be prescribed for the relief of pain during childbirth.

EMS machines are more recommended for muscle pain and post-injury where electrical stimulation could aid in the relaxation and strengthening of muscles, easing of muscular spams, prevention of muscular atrophy and improved blood circulation.



What Is An EMS Machine Used For?

There are plenty of reasons why a person might want to undergo treatment with muscle stimulators. These include, but are by no means limited to:

Pain Relief

When used at low levels, an EMS machine can help to reduce bouts of pain that you might be feeling as a result of a recent injury, or more ongoing, chronic type pain. The electric signals work to modulate the amount of pain you are feeling, blocking pain signals to the brain along with encouraging the release of natural pain-killing endorphins within the body.

Muscle Contraction

The main use for an EMS machine is to cause muscle contraction to any muscle group or area that is being targeted. For those looking to tone up, this can be done purely to spark a reaction in your chosen muscle. Muscle contractions are essential in the muscle-building process.

EMS machines are not just for athletes looking to build muscles. Muscle stimulators are helpful for anyone who needs improved muscle function such as stroke victims or anybody who has had a lengthy, debilitating surgery who needs to encourage their muscles to start working properly again in recovery.

What Are The Main Benefits Of An EMS Machine?

Here are some of the evidenced benefits that an FDA-approved EMS unit can offer a user.

Increased Muscle Strength

When muscles or certain muscle groups are not as strong as they used to be, EMS machines can help encourage the regaining of some of that lost strength by helping to build muscle mass. Muscle growth is one of the main goals for athletes, people concerned with their level of fitness and people who are on the road to recovery.

Maintaining Muscle Activity

EMS treatment can also help with keeping muscles active during periods when someone may not be in a position to move around much. During periods of general inactivity or rehabilitation, EMS devices will give the muscles a workout, keeping the muscles contracting and relaxing, aiding recovery and also maintaining (and improving) muscular health.

Decreasing Pain

EMS units can help alleviate muscular pain. Muscle stimulators (both EMS and TENS) have sufficient intensity to block pain signals being sent from nerves to the brain.

Promote Tissue Healing

The process of electrical stimulation can build muscle and aid tissue repair. The main advantage of EMS is that recovery is assisted without the necessity to move around. Sometimes, after injury or trauma, mobility may be an issue meaning there is a risk of muscle atrophy. Muscle stimulators prevent this and promote tissue healing.

Which Is The Best Electrical Muscle Stimulation Device On The Market?

So, now that you know what electrical muscle stimulation is, and you know all of the muscle-related benefits that EMS machines can provide, it is time to decide which muscle stimulator is the best purchase for you.

There is a wide variety of muscle stimulators and the trick is to make sure that you find and purchase an EMS unit that is going to suit your needs the best - this includes considering the price point, functions and the programs and/or settings.

Here are some of the best-reviewed muscle stimulators that you will find for purchase online at the moment (July 2021)

Best Muscle Stimulators On The Internet

This is a professional grade abdominal muscle stimulator that features a revolutionary wireless system.

The great thing about this muscle stimulator in particular is the fact that you can wear it and do other activities whilst it is working. It is an advantage to have an EMS unit that you can use whilst also engaging in other types of training.

Importantly, this EMS unit is FDA, EMA and TGA approved, which means that the relevant health authorities have deemed it appropriate for use. 

This muscle stimulator operates on twenty different intensity levels, meaning that you can tailor your muscle workout programs to the exact conditions that you desire.

It has a powerful battery that comes with a rechargeable USB motor.

Designed for use by both men and women, this is a muscle stimulator that is specifically for the abdominal region. Using standard TENS and EMS stimulation techniques, the machine is attached to your waist and gets to work on the muscle mass underneath.

Athletes and non-athletes alike will benefit from this wireless exercise therapy treatment. Once again, the product is FDA, EMA and TGA approved and the electrodes and pads are all safe to use for things like toning, training, pain relief and recovery.

There are eight different training programs on this device, with ten different intensity levels. This technology means that users are able to customise their fitness goals and review their performance over time. Whether you are toning up for sport or just for general physical fitness, these electrodes will help.

This is a muscle stimulator that promotes the building of muscle mass in the ab area primarily, but it also features pads suitable for muscle contractions on the arms to increase muscle stimulation in the biceps.

EMS/TENS muscle stimulation can work on any part of the body that is appropriate for a TENS unit, and devices for the arms are just as popular and commonly used as devices for the abs. The pads are comfortable and the power can be felt in all of the different intensity modes.

When you feel your muscles contract, they might get a little bit warm, but this is one of the side effects that isn't anything to worry about. You can use EMS for things like weight loss, therapy, recovery, exercise and overall muscle stimulation, and a device like this is a good option because the various programs can help with weight, performance, health and sport.

A large area of muscle mass can be found around your hips and rear, and forced muscle contractions using an EMS device on this area of the body can produce good results.

If you want to tone your buttocks, then this unit is one of the best devices for you. Not only can increased rear muscles help with sport and training thanks to increased power, customers also will benefit from the aesthetic benefits that this type of muscle building muscle stimulation will bring.

This brand of electric muscle stimulators can provide effective pain relief alongside all of the other EMS benefits. Whether you are choosing to use EMS devices for reasons of therapy, recovery, exercise, muscle building, weight loss or overall health or are just interested in the technology, then this wireless muscle stimulator is a great choice for an affordable EMS unit.

Which Muscle Stimulator Is The Best Muscle Stimulator?

So, if you have read up on the muscle stimulators that we have already described and still want a further recommendation for what type of electric muscle device to buy, then keep on reading to find out which device we think provides the best stimulation EMS on the market.

Taking everything into account including price, power, battery, types of electrodes, pad comfort, programs and intensity of the various electric settings, here is the device that we think provides the best electrical muscle stimulation on the market.

HealSage EMS Machine

Brought to you by reputed brand HealSage, this is the muscle stimulator that customers are saying is the best device on the market right now.

If exercise and diet aren't providing the kind of muscle growth that you're looking for, then the electrodes therapy that this device offers might be the next step to follow.

In keeping with all relevant FDA, EMA and GTA regulations, the price is attractive and the warm electric stimulation might be just what you need.

These EMS devices are a simple way to improve your muscle health, build muscle, and the electric muscle magic that takes place thanks to the various programs and settings. Once you get the classic sign that treatment is working, you will notice that your recovery periods are quicker, your exercise programs are easier to complete, and the electrical muscle stimulation enables the muscles to contract and relax more easily.

Why Do People Use The HealSage Muscle Stimulator?


The best EMS devices are the electric muscle stimulators that are easy to use, and this unit is one of the easiest machines for customers and athletes alike.

The battery life is long-lasting, the pads are simple to apply and you will feel the warm sensation almost immediately, no matter which of the several modes you choose.

Advanced Technology Modes

If you are going to pay a lot of money for an electric muscle stimulator, then you definitely want an EMS device that would be used by professional athletes and that is approved by the relevant government and medical bodies. An FDA review would approve of everything about this brand of devices, from safe battery use to safe EMS and TENS activity.

Electric muscle stimulation with an EMS TENS unit like this is so good for the muscles, no matter which area of the body you are planning to use the device on.


One of the beauties of any EMS unit is its portability. Like all the best EMS machines, you can take the Healsage device with you when you go to the gym to exercise to use after your workout or to the office if you have a heavy day ahead.


One of the biggest selling points of this particular device is the wide application thanks to its design and multiple programs.

You could use it on your neck, arms, legs, abdomen ... any location on the body that will benefit from muscle contract activity!

A unit like this is versatile, and machines and devices that are FDA approved along with boasting dozens of settings and programs are always going to be the best devices on the market.

Conclusion On Muscle Stimulators

In conclusion, we don't think that you can do much better in the world of electrical muscle stimulation than the brilliant HealSage EMS Machine

It is one of the best muscle stimulators on the market right now, providing electrical muscle stimulation for muscles all over the body.

You should aim to find a device that can be used on muscles in different areas of the body, and a device that could help those muscles heal, grow and stay strong.

When it comes to world-beating electrical muscle stimulation, the HealSage device will provide the best TENS and EMS activity and therapy programs for your muscles. And as long as the muscles in your stomach and muscles in your legs and arms are happy, EMS muscle stimulators are obviously working!

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