Can Massage Guns Help With Muscle Pain?

Can Massage Guns Help With Muscle Pain?

One of the most common types of discomfort that an individual may have to deal with is muscle pain. Fortunately, many resources can be relied on to help deal with this. One that is proving to be most effective is massage guns.

Common Causes of Muscle Pain

It is common knowledge that any exercise regime can create some common muscle pain. Dealing with this problem is one of the reasons that the use of a massage gun has become so popular. What may not be realised is that there can be many other causes of muscle pain that can be effectively treated with percussion massage. Massage guns are often referred to as percussion guns because this is the type of massage that they can deliver. Some common causes of muscle pain include:

Injury as a result of participating in a sport or from an accident

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Work-related stress on the muscles
  • Participating in a new activity
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Flu and Colds
  • Autoimmune diseases

And the list goes on.

Most of the conditions that cause muscle pain will respond well to percussion therapy that is delivered through quality massage guns.

What is Happening to the Muscles?

When muscles have become sore, they are going through a process depending on the cause of the soreness. It is believed that when a muscle has become sore that microscopic damage is occurring that is affecting the fibres of the muscle. In some but not all cases, there can be a build-up in lactic acid in the affected area.

How Does Percussion Therapy Help With Muscle Pain?

The massage gun that delivers percussion therapy sends quick gentle bursts of pressure to the area being treated. When it does this, it immediately creates blood flow to the area. This increased blood flow helps to deliver healing nutrients and increased oxygen to the affected muscles. Both which helps to speed up the healing process.

The muscles begin to respond to the treatment and start to relax. As they do so they allow for better range of motion. The massage guns are also capable of breaking up the accumulation of lactic acid if this has occurred. It can then be absorbed by the body.

Additional Benefits of Using Massage Guns for Muscle Pain

There are a lot of additional benefits that can come with the use of the massage gun.

Reduced Need for Medication

Most often those who suffer with muscle pain end up relying on some form of drug to help deal with the discomfort. Sometimes these can be OTC drugs or even prescriptive drugs. With the use of the massage gun it helps to relieve the discomfort quickly and may reduce the need for taking oral medication.

Speedier Recovery

Muscle pain can interfere with an individual’s normal lifestyle. By speeding up the recovery it may mean they can get back to work quicker, or enjoy the sports they participate in. Or, continue with their exercise regime.

These are just a few of the many additional benefits that come with the use of massage guns.

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