Do Massage Guns Work And If So Why?

Do Massage Guns Work And If So Why?

 A lot of people have become proactive about their health and have included exercise as part of their new lifestyle. What often occurs, however, is the pain and discomfort that can come following exercise. Some may give up on working out because of this, without realising that there is a solution for handling the pain and discomfort which is massage guns.


Exercise Pain

Several types of pain can come from exercise. The first type is the pain that comes from the body not being used to the workout. This is as a result of lactic acid being produced by the muscles during the exercise. The second type is delayed onset muscle soreness which can usually be felt a few hours after the exercise. This is common for those who are new to exercising. The third type of pain is that which comes from an injury because of overdoing a workout or doing it wrong. Percussion massage therapy which is what massage guns provide, can help with these different types of pain.

Massage Guns Benefits?

As the name implies, this is a device that is designed like a gun that delivers quick rounds of gentle pressure to the affected area. This is referred to as a percussion massage.

The massage guns provide several benefits such as:

  • Delivering an increase in blood flow to the affected area which speeds up healing time
  • It allows for increased oxygen supply and growth hormones
  • Reduces the build-up of lactic acid
  • It helps to relieve the stiffness in the soft tissue
  • It can help to increase range of motion
  • It assists in toning the muscles that are being targeted.

Percussion massage guns can be used as a preventative. Many athletes use massage guns for deep tissue warm-up before a competition

The Difference Between Hand Massages and Massage Guns

Massage guns for deep tissue massage differ from hand massage in that it is believed that percussion massage can treat muscle fibres 30 times better than a regular massage. Hand massage is not able to provide the same constant pressure or reach the hard to get at areas that are contributing to the pain.

Who Can Use Massage Guns?

Percussion massage is not just for athletes or those who are following an exercise regime. Percussion massage guns can be used by:

  • Those who have received some type of soft tissue injury
  • Individuals who experience aches and pains that are job or task-related
  • It is great for helping the muscles to relax that are stiff and tense from stress
  • It can often help those who suffer from chronic pain conditions

Are Massage Guns Worth It?

Aside from the benefits of pain relieve the additional benefits that come with percussion massage guns are they can be a money and time saver. Think about how much manual massages cost when provided by massage professionals. Then there is the inconvenience of trying to get an appointment when you need it the most. Then there is the time factor of having to set aside time to attend an appointment. Massage guns eliminate both of these problems.

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