Massage Gun For Equine Horse Therapy

Massage Gun For Equine Horse Therapy

No matter whether one owns a horse for pleasure or for sports competition, the health of the horse has to be a priority. The horse owner can do a lot to keep this animal happy and in good shape. One of the ways to do this is through percussion massage. However, a top-quality percussion massage gun should be used to get the best results.

Why Is A Percussion Massage Important?

There are different types of massages that can be given to horses. Some are conducted to get the horse used to the human touch. The percussion massage is for therapeutic purposes.

Horses get stiff just like humans do when they are not active or exercising enough. Many when they are active over extend themselves, and their muscles become sore. This can lay the horse up for several days and is not suitable for their overall health. It can also lead the horse owner into thinking something is far more seriously wrong with the horse.

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The Benefits of the Percussion Horse Massage

There are treatment benefits and preventative benefits when it comes to this type of horse massaging. Such as:

After a horse has had a massage gun treatment, they feel good, and their muscles are limber. They can perform much better in a shorter period.

After a performance many times, the horses feel discomfort from their activity. Their muscles may have become stretched. The percussion massage helps increase blood circulation to the affected areas, giving the horse relief from discomfort. It also speeds up healing of the affected muscles and tissue.

This type of horse massage plays a vital role in rehabilitation after a horse has become injured. It can help with the proper healing process and speed up healing, allowing the horse to become more mobile faster, which is better for their overall health.

Reduction of lactic acid is another outcome when using the percussion massage on horses. A build-up of lactic acid can occur in the horse that has had an intense workout. When too much lactic acid forms, it makes this animal uncomfortable through muscle soreness.

The massage can enhance the overall health of the horse. This is where preventative use of this type of horse massage is important. The massage increases overall blood flow, which stimulates the nerve receptors in the animal. It stimulates the lymph system, enhancing the drainage of impurities from the horse. These impurities and toxins can affect the horse's performance and overall health.



The Right Percussion Gun in Australia

It is important to use the right Percussion Gun for equine horse massage. One that is the perfect choice for this is the Healsage Pro. The reason for using this particular gun for this purpose is:

  • It is quiet, which means it will not spook the horse.
  • It is easy for the operator of the gun to maneuver it over the different areas of the horse.
  • The gun is lightweight so the operator will not tire quickly. This allows for more horse areas to be treated and extended periods.
  • This gun has consistent percussion action, allowing the horse to quickly adapt to it.
  • The Healsage Pro has four different settings which can be used as required.

This gun is the ideal choice for both the treatment of the horses and effective operation by its user.

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