Percussion Massage for runners

Percussion Massage for runners
There are many good reasons why so many Australians enjoy running as an exercise. Then some do it on a professional level as a pro athlete. No matter which one of these categories a runner fits into they should strongly consider a percussion massage after a run.

What Is A Percussion Massage?

This is a massage that is done through a special piece of equipment called a massage gun. However, not every massage gun is ideal for this type of massage. It should be one that can deliver percussion, which is the delivery of pressure that is done in rapid succession. There are important reasons why this is beneficial to the runner after they have completed a run.

For the novice runner, they can experience different types of discomfort. Often these may last for a few days. Aside from the physical discomfort, this can have some psychological effects. Most runners set big goals for themselves when it comes to their running activity. When these get delayed because of physical discomfort, it mentally affects the runner. Using a percussion massage can help reduce the negative effects of a run. It isn’t just the novice runner that experiences discomfort after a run. Those that are experienced runners push themselves to new goals to perfect their performance. When they do, they share the same after-effects of a run that a novice runner does. 

The Benefits of The Percussion Massage  

Understanding how the discomfort comes about after a run gives greater insight into how the percussion massage is beneficial.

During a run, the muscles, and ligaments are pushed beyond their normal limits. As they become used to this, there is less discomfort. When these muscles are pushed beyond their norm, they become stretched and irritated. Inflammation occurs, which in turn causes physical discomfort. It hurts to move those muscles as they because taunt.

The percussion massage gun increases blood flow to the affected muscles. This blood flow gives extra nutrition to the muscles, which allows them to heal faster. The percussion gun action helps to reduce the stiffness in the muscles. Which means it will enable the individual easier movements. Otherwise, movement is painful, and the individual suffering from this will tend not to use those muscles because of the discomfort. This immobility allows the muscles to become more tense, which increases the discomfort.


The Best Percussion Gun in Australia

While there are plenty of percussion guns to choose from the best one is the Healsage Pro. The reason is that it addresses all the needs created by a run. It delivers precision percussion. It has several different attachments which make it easy to treat other muscles that have been affected by the run. The runner can do their percussion massage as the gun is lightweight and easy to handle. It has different settings that can be used depending on the severity of the discomfort.

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