Ten Important Reasons To Use A Massage Gun

Ten Important Reasons To Use A Massage Gun

Those who participate in sports have to be able to rely on a variety of different resources to keep them healthy on many levels. As a result of their sports activities, they often end up dealing with muscle and soft tissue discomfort or injury. A resource that has proven to be most valuable in both maintaining the athlete’s physical condition and for treating these types of injuries is the massage gun. It is a device that is capable of delivering multiple benefits.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a treatment that the majority of athletes will depend to help keep their muscles in good shape. Or when they have sustained an injury, this type of massage can help to speed up recovery. It can penetrate the deeper muscles and increase the blood flow to the affected area. It means taking time out from a busy schedule and depending on the premise that an appointment with a massage therapist can be made quickly. A better option and one that is far more effective is the use of the massage gun.  It delivers a percussion massage that is good for prevention as well as treatment.

Advanced Healing and Pain Reduction

The pain that can come with sports injuries is often intense, and the healing process is a slow one. The massage gun addresses both of these issues. This device provides consistent vibration with stimulates the blood flow and increase lymphatic circulation. This speeds up recovery while rapidly reducing pain.


Rehabilitation is critically essential to the athlete. There are two phases to this. The first being the recovery process, and the second emphasis being put on re-injury. The massage gun,through its vibration, helps the affected muscles to relax and become more subtle so they can respond to additional rehab treatments.

Lactic Acid Removal

Sports activities can create the build-up of lactic acid in the body, which creates additional health concerns such as feeling sick, tired and muscle cramping. The massage gun works well at promoting the release of the acids and other toxins so the body can expel them.

Nervous System Stimulation

The muscles are one component of the body that can be affected by a sports injury, and the nervous system is another. Theapplication of the massage gun stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. As this takes places, the muscles relax, which allows for increased mobility.

Cramping and Rigidity

Injured muscles tend to experience spasms and can become stiff and rigid. This can lead to a reduction in blood flow which causes muscle ischemia. When the massage gun is applied to the affected area, it uses the right amount of pressure to make the muscles relax, so they longer want to spasm, which is a painful event.

Scar Tissue Reduction

Scar tissue formation is not uncommon, especially when an athlete has injured the same area more than once. The deep penetration of vibration that the massage gun can deliver can help prevent scar formation as well as break up what may already be present. This helps to reduce pain and allows for a speedier recovery.

Increased Range of Motion

Muscle and tissue injuries usually will reduce the range of motion due to the actual damage to the area as well as the pain. The massage gun works quickly at helping to heal the damage and reduce the pain. When this takes place, it is much easier for the athlete to be able to extend their range of motion to the point where it returns to normal.

Health Benefits

Aside from the sports world, the massage gun can provide these same benefits and preventative measures to people in many other circumstances. In situations that affect the muscles and soft tissue, such as post surgical situations. Or for those in the workforce that may be exposed to these types of injuries.


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