Using A Massage Gun For Physical Endurance And Better Performance In Sports And Exercise

Using A Massage Gun For Physical Endurance And Better Performance In Sports And Exercise

Those that are involved in any sports or exercise are becoming much more involved in what is going to allow them to enjoy their chosen activity to its fullest. This means knowing what resources may be available to them like a massage gun for example.

Why Use A Massage Gun?

Most people know that manual massage has its benefits for both those who are into exercise and sports enthusiasts. Usually, they look at this as being a way for them to limber up and reduce their discomfort after these activities. However, what many are discovering now is that percussion therapy is far more effective.

Massage Guns For Sports Players

Those who play sports always run the risk of injury from their game play. Quite often, these are soft tissue injuries. Not only can they create discomfort they can cause the athlete to sit out a few games. If they use a massage gun following this type of injury, it can be most helpful in dealing with the pain and speeding up recovery.

The massage gun delivers short spurts of vibration to an area being treated. This helps to increase blood circulation to the affected area. Increased blood flow brings healing agents to the area and increased oxygen, which helps to speed up the healing process. Areas that have been affected can cause the muscles to stiffen up. The massage gun provides percussion therapy which helps those muscles to relax which in turn reduces the discomfort.

Massage Guns for Exercise Enthusiasts

Exercise can bring some of the same symptoms that athletes experience. Often what happens is muscles not normally used get overworked. When this happens, uric acid can build up which causes discomfort and decreased mobility. Percussion massage helps to break up this accumulation of acids which then allows the body to get rid of them.

Percussion Therapy for Performance

Prevention is much better than a cure. Both those who are going to exercise or play a sport must go through a warm up. By adding a percussion massage to the warm up regime, it allows for penetration to deeper tissue and muscles. The treatment being delivered by the massage gun allows the areas being treated to relax and receive greater blood flow. This prepares these areas for what they are going to be subjected to during the upcoming activity.

Percussion Therapy vs. Manual Massage

It is not uncommon for athletes and exercisers to have a pre activity massage. However, when done manually, the amount of pressure and timing of it is inconsistent. This is not the case when a massage gun is used to deliver the massage. These devices can also get into areas that manual massage is not able to reach.

With the reduction of pain and discomfort along with the help of preventing injuries, performance is increased for those participating in exercise, or playing a sport.

The massage gun is one of the best investments and most valuable resources that can be utilized for anyone that is active.

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