Which attachments to use with your massage gun?

Which attachments to use with your massage gun?

Healsage Massage Gun Guide



Many excellent benefits come from using a massage gun like the Healsage Massage Gun. However, to get the most of what this gun has to offer means using the six necessary attachments that come with it properly.

For each massage head, there are essential factors to consider choosing the right head for the massage you will perform.

Spine Massage Head

The Spine and neck area is a very delicate area to massage. This needs to be done with the proper care and this attachment that has been designed for massaging this area of the body. This is used primarily for trigger points in this area and should not be used directly on the spine.


Flat Massage Head

This is one of the most popular heads. It is one that is really effective on dense muscle groups but is gentle enough to use on all muscle groups. Following exercise or a workout, it is the go-to head for a great overall massage. It is also the choice of some who are experiencing larger muscle mass discomfort and want to treat a larger area at one time.

 Small Round Head

This is a massage gun head that becomes the favorite when an individual wants to give a general percussion massage to a small or medium group of muscles. It is ideal following some exercise that has incorporated a new small to medium muscle group, and they are stiff and sore after the workout.


Round Head

You need to consider how much muscle mass you will want to target. For larger areas, you would rely on the round head. In some cases, you may need to use a second head. If your target area of muscles is near a bone area, you may want to change over to a small round head or the cushion area. The bone area is more sensitive, and you want more of a precision massage in this part of the larger muscle area. This head is a softer material that has some flexibility to it. You can also control how intense you want to be with the massage by the angle you use when applying the round head pressure.

If you have just suffered a recent injury, you do not want to start your massage treatments by being too aggressive. You may want to start with the round head for a day or two. Then transition over to the bullet head, which gives a more intense massage with deeper penetration.



Bullet Head

This is the massage head that is often chosen for treating a more severe muscle injury. It can be used when tolerated. This will depend on the degree of the injury and the amount of muscle mass you currently have. You can choose the settings and increase these during your massage treatment each day as your tolerance for the massage increases.


Cushion Head

This is a softer head and is the one you would be best to choose when doing a pre-warm massage. It can create a soft stimulation to the muscles being treated. You are preparing the muscles for the exercise they are about to be used for. If you have been using the round head and find that it is too intense, you can switch to the cushion head for a less intense application. If this head gets close to a bone area, it doesn’t create the discomfort that some of the other heads would if used over or near a bone area. If you are ever in doubt about which massage head to start with, then make this one the first choice.


When first working with the Massage Gun Pro start off with the less aggressive heads that are appropriate to the muscle mass and area being treated. Also consider whether you are performing a preventive massage or a treatment massage. For example, if you are stimulating the muscles pre- exercise this acts as a great preventative. On the other hand, if you have experienced some muscle trauma then you will be performing a massage to treat this.

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