Which EMS Machine Is The Right Choice For Recovery?

Which EMS Machine Is The Right Choice For Recovery?

Anyone intent on becoming fit or staying that way once they have achieved their goal will use as many resources as possible. There are many options available to them, and one that is popular is the use of an EMS machine. However, when an injury occurs that affects their fitness, they need to look for resources to assist them with a speedy recovery. For this purpose, there are several athletes and those into fitness that are turning to EMS therapy for this purpose as well.

What Is EMS?

EMS stands for electric muscle stimulation. Some who refer to this in more technical terms call it Neuro Muscular Electric Stimulation. Users of this will attach a series of electrodes to various parts of their body capable of emitting electrical impulses to the affected area. These impulses are directed to the motor nerves under the skin of the individual using the EMS device. As the electrodes are pulsating, they are creating rapid muscle contractions to the area being treated.

The Purpose

The purpose of these contractions is to increase blood flow to the area being treated. This is beneficial for those athletes who want to develop their physical capabilities to enhance the skills needed for the particular sport they are involved in. Also, it is beneficial for those who are just focusing on getting fit. The increased blood flow may help to deliver vital nutrients to the areas being treated.

As A Recovery Resource

Those who have a good understanding of the EMS technology have begun to realize that the EMS device can be beneficial for speeding up recovery after an injury. This is because an injured area has a greater demand for increased blood flow via the stimulation being created by the EMS. Plus, it helps to reduce swelling and inflammation caused by the injury. These are two of the components that make the pain that comes with an injury. The reduction of these helps to reduce the pain. EMS treatments are beneficial for treating joint pain as well as assisting in the recovery of muscle injury.

Aside from these benefits, when used properly, the EMS machine can help speed up the recovery time, which means the athlete can get back to participating in their sport. Or the fitness enthusiast can get back to their exercise regime.

EMS Tens Machines As An Alternative

There are several different types of EMS Machines on the market that have been made for home use. This provides a great benefit to those intent on fitness or who have a recovery need. They can apply the EMS therapy that is needed without having to see a professional for this purpose.  EMS TENS Machines are very similar but take a different approach in what they provide.

As mentioned, one of the important purposes of EMS treatments is to reduce the pain, so additional treatments of other types may be utilized. To best achieve this choosing an EMS machine that can target the sensory nerves may be a better choice.

Motor Nerves;

These are the nerves that will affect the movement of the muscles in the injured area. These nerves send messages from the brain and spinal cord to the injured area.

Sensory Nerves:

These nerves send messages from the skin and muscles back to the brain and spinal cord that translate into pain and various sensations.

So it is easy to see why a TENS EMS unit would be beneficial in helping the injured person to feel less pain. The stimulation being provided helps the individual focus less on the pain messages they receive because the sensory stimulation is causing a distraction.

Although the distraction is not the cure, it does help to reduce the feeling of the pain and discomfort. Also, it allows for additional types of treatment that otherwise would not be tolerated because of the sensation of the pain.

TENS units are more versatile in what they can assist with by way of injuries as they do not cause muscle contractions as the EMS units do. Quite often, it is the pain alone caused by an injury or overworking an area that results in pain that can hinder an athlete or fitness enthusiast. Relying on the TENS technology may be the ideal solution.


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