EMS Machine | Healsage
EMS Machine | Healsage
EMS Machine | Healsage

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 Leaving the gym after another intense workout session, you notice a slight twinge in your neck.

Thinking nothing of it, you go about your evening.

Much to your frustration, the pain in your neck and upper back worsens. 

The muscles keep on tightening as you begin to accept your fate: no more workouts for a couple of days.


Imagine if you could reverse this pain and take on a new workout the next day.


Our solution is an absolutely hassle-free way to provide much-needed relief to your sore muscles.


The Healsage EMS machine binds to your skin, giving instant relief in the form of electronic muscle stimulation.


Why Do Australians Choose The Healsage EMS  Machine?


For simplicity. Just clean the area you want to use before sticking the massage pad and pressing the button to start up.


For advanced EMS technology. Electrical Muscle Stimulation delivers comforting pulses to your sore muscles. 


For variety. Healsage Massage Pads can be used to relieve muscle soreness on the neck, arm, legs etc. 


For definition. Not only can EMS revive tired muscles, it tones them simultaneously.


For relaxation. Kicking back after a tough workout with hands-free massage pads.


Warm up for tomorrow’s workout, today.


Treat your sore muscles to a 30-minute zap with the Healsage Massage Pads.


Easily increase or decrease intensity with the remote control. No need to bend over backwards.


Portable relief from tired muscles


Get sore sitting at your desk in the office? Healsage Massage Pads are portable and virtually silent.



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